NOTE: If this is the first email account on your iPhone or iPad, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings- Mail, Contacts, Calendars- Add Account.


1. Go to Start, click on Settings- Mail, contacts, Calendars- Add Account


2. Choose Microsoft Exchange.


3. Fill in the following information: 


  a. E-mail address: full e-mail access (for example:

  b. Domain: leave blank

  c. Username: full e-mail address

  d. Password: your password

If a server is requested, if we are hosting the emails it will be - if hosted elsewhere contact host.


4. Select Next.

Your iPhone/iPad automatically searches for the account settings.


5. Choose the information type to synchronise between your Exchange account and iPhone/ iPad device.


6. Click Save.


7. Congratulations!

Your Mail, Contacts and Calendar information in your iPhone/iPad are now synchronised.